Saye  means shadow in  Kurdish or Persian.
We want to be the shadow of love and life, of  the smiles and the pains in the world.
We want to be the mirror of  love, as love is power of life.

Saye Film is an independent film and documentary producer.
Our goal is to find new roads and new future for human films in the world.

Saye Film was created by Kia Aziz , October 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina .

Kind Regards,
Kia Aziz, Saye Film

Saye Film has produced following films:

2013 - Still i am a stranger, documentary, 25 min, Malmo, Sweden
2009 - ik-mis-niks !, documentary, 14 min, Vught, Netherland
2008 - Viva Silva, documentary, 15 min, Montevideo, Uruguay
2008 - Bread (Brood), short film, 15 min, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008 - 3rd I.D. Right (3e I.D. Recht), short film, 20 min, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007 - The Chair (De Stoel), documentary, 40 min, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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